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FitIn Website Case Study

January 2022 - May 2022

The redesigned FitIn Website makes it more accessible and empowers people regardless of their age, background, or special needs to live happier and healthier lives.


UX Designer & Researcher, Content Strategist


Project Manager, Developer, Designer, Business Analyst


Illustrator, Invision, Figma, Excel, PowerPoint,  Airtable

About FitIn

FitIn is a fitness-inclusive SaaS (Software as a Service) dedicated to Fitpreneurs (Fitness Entrepreneurs) who want to be a part of a diverse fitness culture; by means of next-generation marketplace protocols to be aware and alert about their health.


The Fitln online marketplace offers a variety of wellness programs for people of all abilities and levels. They seek to promote fitness, health, and well-being for all Canadians, regardless of their background or needs.

Client Challenge

Users feel overwhelmed and disinterested on the website because it does not provide the best assistance in finding suitable programs. This affects the likelihood of users returning to this website. Therefore, there is a disconnect between users and the website. This makes users walk away from the website or register for a program.

The Problem Statement

How can we encourage people to improve their fitness and the positive impacts of fitness as preventative medicine to live long, fulfilled, and disease-free life?


Project Goal

The overall goal of the project is to conduct a thorough competitive analysis in reference from current state to suggested recommendations for the existing web platform of In order to facilitate the users’ engagement with the website, we've utilized interactive elements to better assist them in selecting a wellness program based on their capabilities and levels.

Project Planning

To keep the project on track, our team has followed the Agile methodology to manage this project by breaking it up into several phases. In our scrum team meeting, I discussed project tasks, deliverables, and the roles and responsibilities to each member.

The RACI chart shows the roles and responsibilities of team members for project tasks and deliverables.


Current State Analysis

A SWOT analysis was conducted to identify Fitln's internal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to better help develop strategic goals.

Heuristic Analysis

As part of an iterative design process, I conducted a Heuristic Analysis to identify the usability problems of the current Fitln website.

Competitive Scorecard

Through a Competitive Analysis of eight current marketplace platforms, we identified FitIn's unique selling proposition.


Through our research, I discussed the problem with our client and interviewed target users to learn more about their experiences, values, and perceptions

Content Strategy

I found that the Website contained duplicated content that should be combined into one section. Visitors to the site for the first time may be confused by the duplicated content and might have a negative impression.

Main Findings of Content Audit:



We created a sitemap indicating where each Fitln feature will be developed based on the current state of the project, competitive analysis, personas, and the project scope. Having a clear understanding of how the platform worked, allowed us to identify constraints and the website structure.

User Journey

I created the User Journey maps to view Fitln's website from the user's point of view. They were used when re-designing the website, which allowed our team to identify the different ways to enable users to achieve their goals.  

Unique Features of Fitfinder

  • Theme: Your Fitness Counsellor


  • Fitfinder is an interactive tool that help identify users’ problems/needs and to recommend fitness programs tailored to meet their need. 

Wireframe and Prototype


Search Page

Class Page

Next Steps

  • Content Strategy: Re-categorize the content and be more consistent to guide the users. 

  • Fitfinder: Create interactive surveys that highlight their needs and benefits to the potential users.

  • UX design: Specify each class intensity level to better support the intended target groups.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Social Media strategy: Fitln needed to conduct a social media audit, gather data, and identify the best possible strategy to reach the potential audience. Ensure to add in the most trending and reachable key words and collaborate with other medias such as Narcity to create an effective campaign.

Lessons Learned

Fitln faced the primary challenge of helping people to better understand the benefits of fitness and maintaining a trusting relationship with them. 


Therefore, with the help of Fitfinder, it identified the users' problems and their needs, with tailored fitness programs. As a result, Fitln will better connect users with fitness programs that meet their specific needs.

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